Keating wins lawsuit over 'bruxer' name

Keating Dental Arts(KDA) has prevailed in a two-year trademark dispute brought against KDA by Glidewell Laboratories.

In 2011, Glidewell sued KDA over its use of the name "KDZ Bruxer," which Glidewell claimed was an infringement on its "BruxZir" product name. On March 7, 2013, a judge ruled that there was no trademark infringement.

"The lawsuit came as a shock due in large part to the frequent use of the common dental term bruxer or bruxism, which refers to tooth clenching and grinding," said Shaun Keating, founder of Keating Dental Arts, in a news release. "Now anyone can use the name."

Despite the financial impact of the lawsuit, KDA is expanding and currently has more than 100 employees today, he added.

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