KDA warns of home-drilling offer

This is definitely something you should not try at home. The Kentucky Dental Association (KDA) is alerting its members and the public that it did not authorize a company promoting an at-home dental drilling kit to use its mailing address on its Internet site.

The Louisville Dental Society contacted the KDA after receiving an email from a member who saw a Facebook page for DentiDrill, described as a dental drill that can be used in the "comfort of your own home," according to an ADA alert. The Facebook page features a video of someone using the drill on a young boy who is lying on a couch.

The member checked the domain to determine who registered the Facebook page, which had the mailing address for KDA. There is an 800 phone number, but it's linked to a real estate firm in New Jersey, and the product's website is in Dutch.

The thought of someone performing home dental drilling on their child or anyone else is scary, a KDA spokeswoman said.

The KDA contacted the ADA, lodged a complaint through Facebook, and called the FBI. It's unclear whether the product is a real offering or a hoax, the group said.

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