NSK Dental launches new handpieces

NSK Dental has launched the 26-watt, standard head Ti-Max Z900L series and the 23-watt, miniature head Ti-Max Z800L series.

"The Ti-Max Z900L is the first air-driven handpiece in the history of the dental industry that delivers 26 watts of power," said Rob Gochoel, sales and marketing director for NSK Dental.

Both the Ti-Max Z900L and Z800L series feature a new cartridge design to improve durability, smaller head sizes to enhance operational visibility, and cartridges that can be replaced chairside to save time and maintain practice productivity, according to the company.

Both series also feature titanium bodies and NSK's new Duragrip coating, which makes the handpieces easy to hold when wet. The handpiece body features a notch for resting the thumb and index finger for maximum leverage, a Quattro (four-port) water spray, and a two-and-a-half-year warranty. Multiple back-end types are available to fit most competitive couplers, including Kavo and W&H.

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