Pulpdent's Embrace varnish now in 12-mL tubes

Pulpdent announced that its Embrace varnish, 5% sodium fluoride with CXP, is now available in 12-mL tubes.

Embrace varnish is a sustained, time-release bioactive varnish that incorporates xylitol-coated calcium and phosphate in a permeable resin matrix that does not separate and requires no mixing, according to the company. The xylitol coating prevents the calcium and phosphate salts from reacting until they come in contact with saliva. Saliva dissolves the xylitol and releases the calcium and phosphate ions, which react continuously in saliva with fluoride ions to form protective fluorapatite on the teeth that fills superficial, noncarious enamel lesions.

Embrace varnish is available in 12-mL tubes and in unit dose packages containing 0.4-mL varnish and an applicator brush. Unit dose packages are available in boxes of 50 and 200.

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