NuSmile launches BioCem Universal BioActive cement

NuSmile has launched BioCem Universal BioActive cement, designed for use with custom-fabricated zirconia and glass ceramic restorations.

BioCem features a shock-absorbing, rubberized resin component, making it much tougher than traditional cements, according to the company.

Independent studies confirm BioCem's bond strength when cementing either zirconia or ceramic restorations to dentin, NuSmile said. BioCem forms hydroxyapatite, which is available to integrate with and replenish tooth structure -- something that even the most advanced resin and resin-modified glass ionomer cements cannot do. BioCem also releases phosphate, calcium, and fluoride ions into the oral environment.

First-generation bioactive cements can be wasteful and difficult to handle, and they release neither fluoride nor phosphates, the company said. BioCem has a simple-to-use, low-waste delivery system. It is not necessary to prime the tooth or zirconia restorations.

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