KaVo Kerr combines brands

KaVo Kerr Group has combined and rebranded three of its five brands: Kerr, Kerr TotalCare, and Axis|SybronEndo

The three brands have been reorganized into one organization with four identities: Kerr Restoratives, Kerr Endodontics, Kerr Rotary, and Kerr TotalCare.

The goal of the change is to redefine how the company's products are offered. By aggregating the three brands, KaVo Kerr Group intends to eliminate boundaries and to promote greater collaboration, the company said.

The rebranding "will demonstrate to our customers that Kerr has aggregated its brands to not only be more operationally efficient, but more powerfully and more distinctively positioned for the benefit of the dental professional," stated Damien McDonald, group president of professional consumables for KaVo Kerr Group, in a press release. "It isn't just about getting bigger at scale, but being the best in leading out customers to the future they desire."

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