3M ESPE's Lava Plus portfolio available in disk format

3M ESPE's Lava Plus high-translucency zirconia is now available in a disk format for open-source milling.

The new Lava Plus portfolio, which is available to labs milling 98-mm-diameter disks, includes both Lava Plus zirconia and its shading system, the company said. The disks are available in thicknesses of 14 mm, 18 mm, and 25 mm, and in formats with and without a step.

"This introduction gives labs access to one of the most trusted zirconia materials on the market, as well as shading options that help them easily create highly esthetic restorations," said Jennifer Van Ranst, U.S. marketing manager, in a release.

The patented shading system offers a wide range of dyeing liquids, and two shading options -- dip shading and natural gradient shading -- give labs flexibility and total control of the esthetic level, the company said.

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