MIS Implants launches new V3 dental implant

2015 06 04 13 23 00 663 Mis Implants V3

MIS Implants has launched its new V3 dental implant with a triangular shape for the coronal portion.

The design is for high primary stability and reducing bone compression and crestal bone resorption for increased osseointegration, according to the company.

The new V3 dental implant. Image courtesy of MIS Implants.The new V3 dental implant. Image courtesy of MIS Implants.

The success of the osseointegration processes can be influenced by implant design, MIS noted. The triangular shape of the coronal portion of the new implant enables a gain of bone volume, which results in greater support of stable surrounding soft tissues, according to the company. The triangular neck of the V3 provides solid anchorage at three points in the crestal zone while forming three compression-free gaps at the sides between the implant and the osteotomy. The gaps at the implant neck allow more space for blood pooling, encouraging blot clot formation at the bone-implant interface.

The V3 is also a conical connection implant with platform switching and features a variable thread and self-tapping capability, microrings, a concave interthread, and a flat apex that supports immediate placement engagement. It's also a multiuse implant, suitable for all clinical indications and bone types, especially for anterior regions or where space and bone may be limited and good aesthetics are essential, the company noted.

"But it's more than the implant alone," stated Elad Ginat, product manager at MIS Implants, in a press release. "It's what we call the 'V-CONCEPT,' a universal approach that takes into consideration the entire structure: the innovative implant and the advanced prosthetic appliance."

V3 protocols are the same as most other dental implants, and the dedicated V3 surgical kit enables ease of placement for dentists and shorter recovery time for patients, according to the company.

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