MicroDental acquires Phoenix Dental Laboratory

Dental laboratory network MicroDental Laboratories has acquired Phoenix Dental Laboratory.

MicroDental is based in Dublin, CA, but has labs located throughout the U.S. and Canada. The acquisition, which is effective immediately, merges Phoenix Dental of Hamilton, Ontario, with the MicroDental Hamilton Laboratory to form a full-service laboratory in the Toronto area.

"As with our other strategic mergers, this partnership immediately provides customers of Phoenix Dental Laboratory with access to new restorative products and services," stated Bill Johnson, CEO of MicroDental, in a press release.

Phoenix Dental was previously owned and operated by Davide Disegna, RDT. "Partnering with MicroDental gives us access to materials, technologies, and resources that will make it easier for us to meet the needs of our dentists and their patients," he stated in the release.

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