Product highlights from IDS 2017: Part 2

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COLOGNE, GERMANY - Dental journalist Kevin Henry attended the 2017 International Dental Show (IDS) and saw a number of new technologies at the meeting. The second part of his exclusive roundup of new products on display features cosmetic, endodontic, imaging, and restorative products.


Nanova introduces whitening brush

Kevin Henry.Kevin Henry.

So IDS is all about the latest technology, right? There's nothing more futuristic than the plasma brush from Nanova, scheduled to be in the U.S. sometime in early 2018.

What exactly is a plasma brush? First and foremost, it's not a laser -- that's something the company wants to make sure you know. The nonthermal atmospheric plasma brush can be used for whitening, improving bonding, and oral disinfection.

The product's creators said they expect the product to dramatically reduce the time dental patients need for in-office whitening. The time spent in the chair could be shaved in half, down from an hour to 30 minutes. That's music to your patients' ears and your appointment book.


Dentsply Sirona launches 3D endodontic software

Dentsply Sirona made some big news at IDS, not only with the launch of many new products, but also with its announcement that its Cerec system would be opened for exporting scan data to other companies' software.

Picking one thing to highlight in this article was tough, but I decided to look at the company's 3D Endo software. Why? Well, there is a wow factor to discuss with this one.

The new 3D Endo software from Dentsply Sirona.The new 3D Endo software from Dentsply Sirona.

Jointly developed by Dentsply Sirona Endodontics and Dentsply Sirona Imaging, this is the first software dedicated to endodontic treatment planning for more predictability. Using 3D data and some impressive means of visualization, the 3D Endo software lets the dentist identify the specifics of a tooth root treatment, visualize the canal network in 3D, and choose the right files from a built-in file database.


3Shape introduces new wireless scanner

The wireless Trios 3 from 3Shape.The wireless Trios 3 from 3Shape.

One of the most fascinating developments in intraoral scanners came from 3Shape.

Unveiled at IDS, the wireless version of Trios 3 makes it even easier for dental professionals to incorporate digital scanning into their practice's workflow. Of course, the wireless function means that there are no wires to get in the way of dentists (or the patient's face).

3Shape has also built in an easy battery exchange so dentists won't have to stop scanning because of low power. With three batteries included, you'll be able to switch between batteries fairly easy.

With realistic color scans, you can impress your patients with the wow factor. It will also help you and your team envision results better than ever before.


Biolase launches new laser

Waterlase Express from Biolase.Waterlase Express from Biolase.

Dentists got a sneak peek at this technology during the 2017 Chicago Midwinter Meeting. However, this new product was the star of the show inside Biolase's IDS booth.

It has been thought for some time that doing laser dentistry required a dentist not only to be a skilled clinician, but also to be proficient in laser technology. While this is important, Biolase has taken steps toward ensuring lasers can be used by any dentist, regardless of his or her technological knowledge.

The company has created step-by-step animations and a tablet interface to illustrate how to use the Waterlase Express. In addition, the laser is 50% smaller than the Waterlase iPlus, so you won't need a lot of space in your operatory, and there's a button on the tablet that allows a practitioner to ask a question at any time. With the machine connected to customer care via a Wi-Fi network, dentists will never feel alone when trying to learn a new procedure.

Keystone introduces new resin

Are your patients embarrassed by their smile when their metal partial shows? Keystone Industries is offering a solution to that problem.

Clearmet from Keystone.Clearmet from Keystone.

Clearmet is an ultratransparent framework that eliminates the need for unsightly metal in partials. It offers a lightweight option for your patients that removes some of their fear of smiling. The new product can be used with Myerson, TCS, and Valplast machines.

It's nonporous and bacteria- and stain-resistant, meaning your patients won't have to worry about odors. Also, because it's tooth-bearing instead of tissue-bearing, you won't have to worry about your patients being in pain.

Planmeca launches new 3D printer

We all know that 3D printing is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the dental industry. With this new 3D printer from Planmeca, dental offices can now create their own models and surgical guides quickly and efficiently.

Planmeca is calling this the completion of its seamless digital workflow. You can call it a device that prints dental models in around two hours and surgical guides in less than 45 minutes. You can also do up to six dental models or 25 surgical guides at the same time.

Planmeca's booth at IDS had an advertisement for a new Print 4D Model (printable light-curing resin) and Print 4D Temp (printable light-curing composite for crown and bridge) materials from GC. How new is this product? It's not even around yet, but I was told it will be introduced later this year in Europe and more than likely in 2018 in the U.S.

Yes, you're closer than ever to being able to print your own temporaries using a 3D printer. It's also a testament to just how far technology is advancing.

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