Henry Schein debuts handpiece repair portal

2017 12 01 17 41 7816 Henry Schein Pro Repair Portal

Henry Schein has launched ProRepair, a new web portal to help facilitate the handpiece repair process.

The web portal features a three-step system for dentists to submit handpiece repairs:

  1. Log into ProRepair and select the tool that needs to be repaired.
  2. Provide diagnostic information so the portal can identify the problem and list solutions.
  3. Submit the repair order and print a UPS label.

The portal also allows dentists to store a digital inventory of their practice's handpieces, including each handpiece's warranty status. ProRepair is also compatible with mobile devices.

The ProRepair web portal. Image courtesy of Henry Schein.The ProRepair web portal. Image courtesy of Henry Schein.
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