Shofu debuts self-adhesive flowable restorative

2020 01 22 23 07 5635 Shofu Dental Ada 2019 400

Materials and equipment company Shofu Dental has debuted FIT SA, a self-adhesive flowable restorative material.

FIT SA includes the company's bioactive Giomer technology, consisting of its proprietary surface prereacted glass (S-PRG) filler particles designed to inhibit plaque formation and neutralize acid.

FIT SA eliminates the need for a bonding procedure and is a nanohybrid bioactive self-adhesive flowable composite that's designed for use as a liner and in small class I, class III, class V, and other nonload-bearing restorations.

The material is bisphenol A (BPA)-free and provides a chemical bond in addition to resin tag infiltration. It offers superior strength and polishability, according to the company, and its filler structure combines the light transmission and diffusion properties of both dentin and enamel, enabling it to blend with the surrounding dentition.

FIT SA is available in 2.2-g syringes in two viscosities -- low flow and high flow -- as well as in five shades.

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