Premier unveils 4 dental products

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Premier Dental has released a new barrier sleeve, an adhesive primer, and two cements, all of which it will display at the upcoming Chicago Dental Society 2020 Midwinter Meeting.

Premier's lineup of new products include the following:

  • Sleeve-It: The disposable barrier sleeve line covers syringe dispensers to prevent cross-contamination. It has a precut opening for the dispensing tip and comes in multiple sizes.
  • ZR-Cem self-adhesive resin cement. Image courtesy of Premier Dental.ZR-Cem self-adhesive resin cement. Image courtesy of Premier Dental.
  • Premiere universal primer: The single-component adhesive primer is designed to increase retention between restorative substrates and resin cements. The primer contains various compounds that increase bond strength to materials such as zirconium and glass ceramics, and it requires no pretreatment before use.
  • ZR-Cem: The self-adhesive resin cement is formulated for zirconia restorations and contains an adhesive that allows it to bond to all ceramic materials, dentin, and enamel. Use of ZR-Cem does not require pretreatment of crowns or bonding, and the resin cement does not need to be refrigerated.
  • Premiere Implant Cement Plus: The elastic-covered implant cement offers secure, flexible sealing that does not require an etch, primer, or bonding agent. The cement is easily visible on radiographs and enters the gel stage, which is necessary for removing excess cement remnants, in approximately two minutes.
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