Cosmedent introduces Renamel Bulkfill

2021 06 30 15 37 9074 Cosmedent Renamel Bulkfill 400

Cosmedent has launched Renamel Bulkfill, its posterior composite bulkfill that the company calls "the amalgam of composite."

Designed for one-step placement, Renamel Bulkfill can be packed, sculpted, and polished, according to the firm. Cosmedent said that Renamel Bulkfill's new technology cures up to 4 mm and is available in five natural shades that are not overly translucent. What's more, the material rivals the speed of amalgam placement, the vendor said.

Renamel Bulkfill composite. Image courtesy of Cosmedent.Renamel Bulkfill composite. Image courtesy of Cosmedent.
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