SensAble partners with DPS

SensAble has named Dental Prosthetic Services (DPS) of Cedar Rapids, IA, as its latest authorized production center (SAPC).

SAPCs create fixed and removable dental restorations for their own dentists using the SensAble CAD/CAM system, and are certified to provide design and fabrication services to other dental labs.

SAPCs gain marketing exposure from SensAble and help other dental labs who want to outsource aspects of design or production rather than investing in a complete system, SensAble said.

SAPCs also help labs make incremental steps in transitioning from manual to digital processes. Labs can deploy the scan-only or the scan/design configuration of the SensAble dental lab system, then send the files electronically to DPS for designing and printing a resin pattern.

If DPS prints the pattern, it can then be returned to the lab for investing and casting in metal, or flasking of a flexible material. Alternately, DPS can finish the job by providing the final removable partials and fixed restorations, such as copings, crowns, and bridges.

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