Riester offers high-resolution binocular loupes

Rudolph Riester is now offering a selection of binocular loupes designed for dental, surgical, and veterinary professionals. The new loupes help to improve working posture, reduce eyestrain, and provide a clearer working view, according to the company.

The SuperVu Galilean loupes are available in 2.0x, 2.5x, and 3x magnification and working distances from 34 cm to 50 cm. Each lens can be focused individually with a depth of field that allows the user to move without the area being viewed going out of focus.

Riester also offers SuperVu Hi-Res Galilean loupes at 3x magnification with a 15% increased field-of-view and flat field from edge to edge. Made from an ultralightweight metal alloy, SuperVu loupes come with a flip-up feature that allows them to be moved out of the way when magnification is not required.

The XL Advantage loupes offer higher magnification for advanced surgical procedures at 3.5x, 4.5x, and 5.5x magnification. The XL precision lenses are treated with a nonreflecting protective coating to achieve optimum image quality, the company noted.

Customers have the choice of attaching binocular loupes to either the light Riester spectacle frame or the brow band system. In addition, Riester offers the K-LED brow lamp that provides homogeneous light with a brightness of up to 18,000 lux. The 3W LED is coaxially attached to the frame and operates with a lithium-ion battery pack, enabling continuous operation of up to four hours.

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