Carestream debuts Kodak RVG 6500 system

Carestream Dental has introduced the Kodak RVG 6500 system at this week's Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

The new RVG 6500 features the Intelligent Positioning System (IPS) that ensures accurate sensor placement during patient examinations by visually aiding alignment of the sensor with an intuitive, real-time display, according to the company. Once the generator's x-ray beam is correctly aligned with the sensor, the IPS automatically notifies the user.

"The Kodak RVG 6500 system provides a higher level of patient care with its Intelligent Positioning System, which ultimately helps practitioners avoid common positioning mistakes and reduces the risk of retakes that can lead to greater patient radiation exposure," said Patrik Eriksson, president and CEO of Carestream.

The RVG 6500 system is also Wi-Fi-enabled and the design allows the user to adapt the system to various practice configurations, accommodating both multisensor and multicomputer environments.

Chicago Midwinter Meeting attendees can get a hands-on demonstration of the RVG 6500 system by visiting booth 3216.

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