3D Systems' printer verified by 3Shape for model production

3D Systems announced that its ProJet 3510 MP 3D printer has been verified by 3Shape for ultrahigh fidelity prosthodontic dental model production. The company also announced its proprietary VisiJet Pearlstone dental material has been verified by 3Shape for prosthodontic dental model production.

Verified and integrated with 3Shape's Model Builder software, 3D Systems' ProJet 3510 MP manufactures prosthodontic dental models with accuracy, precision, and push-button simplicity, according to 3D Systems. The printer is part of a comprehensive, personalized digital thread for dental model production. Models are designed in Model Builder software direct from intraoral scans or physical impression scans. Then the models are output seamlessly on the ProJet 3510 MP with VisiJet Pearlstone material. The dental material is available in either a Matte Plaster and Glossy print mode with a 30-micron layer thickness, an average accuracy of 50 microns and a stone-like finish.

3D Systems has also integrated its production services capabilities into the 3Shape software, so that Model Builder users without access to a ProJet 3510 MP can simply select 3D Systems from a pull-down manufacturing output menu in the Model Builder software and order dental models from 3DS production facilities. 3DS will print the models on the ProJet 3510 MP direct from the Model Builder file and ship to the customer.

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