Carestream donates imaging system to Tenn. clinic

Carestream Dental has donated a CS 9000C 3D extraoral imaging system to the Interfaith Dental Clinic in Tennessee.

The donated system is a three-in-one unit that can capture 2D panoramic, 3D, and cephalometric images and can be used for a range of diagnoses and treatments, including endodontic, periodontic, and orthodontic, according to Carestream.

"Through this donation, Carestream Dental has provided Interfaith Dental Clinic patients the latest technology, which improves diagnosis accuracy and treatment planning," stated Rhonda Switzer-Nadasdi, DMD, CEO of the Interfaith Dental Clinic, in a release.

The clinic serves people in Middle Tennessee who struggle to have their oral healthcare needs met, and it operates on a sliding fee scale and asks patients to pay only what they can afford.

"Years of oral health neglect can make treatment planning for our patients complex," Dr. Switzer-Nadasdi stated. "The charity and the patient cannot afford to do the treatment twice. The services our volunteers, staff, and residents provide need to be done right the first time and done to last, as this might be the only chance some of our patients will ever have to receive fully restorative dental care."

Improved oral healthcare can mean new employment opportunities, a confident new outlook, and a pathway to better general health, Dr. Switzer-Nadasdi noted.

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