U.K. dentists warned about counterfeit equipment

U.K. dentists are being warned about fake dental equipment after officials reported a rise in counterfeit products being sold.

Dentists are being urged to check that drills, x-ray scanners, and other equipment come from trusted suppliers, according to a Guardian article. U.K. regulators seized more than 12,000 poor-quality dental products in 2014.

Most of the counterfeit products came from China and Pakistan and were sold through online retailers including Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, the story said. Officials said the counterfeit equipment sold for much less than legitimate items.

Officials have seized thousands of poor-quality root canal files that could break in a patient's mouth, as well as dental x-ray machines that produced excessive radiation, among other equipment.

Many of the fake dental devices looked like high-quality products but were made from inferior materials, the Guardian reported.

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