Arfona partners with Dentulu, Impress3D

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3D-printed dentures company Arfona has partnered with Dentulu and Impress3D to provide patients with greater access to better and more affordable tooth replacement options.

Through the partnership, patients now have the option to see a dentist virtually and receive their 3D-printed replacement tooth in days without physically visiting a dental office, the company said.

Dentists can already access digital laboratory services through the Impress3D platform and order dental prosthetics online with the click of a button. Now, patients with missing teeth can also register on the Dentulu platform and determine if they are a candidate for treatment.

Candidates who meet the requirements for 3D-printed tooth replacement can schedule a virtual consultation with a dentist licensed in their state and order an impression kit developed specifically for partial dentures by Impress3D. Patients requiring more comprehensive, in-office treatment will be matched with a dentist in their area through the Dentulu platform.

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