Align Technology touts iTero study results

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Align Technology is highlighting study results of its iTero Element 5D imaging system that show the technology can help detect and monitor interproximal caries above the gingiva without the use of radiation, according to the company.

The imaging system is equipped with iTero near-infrared imaging (NIRI) technology, which is more sensitive than bitewing radiography in detecting early enamel lesions and comparable in detecting dentinal lesions, Align said.

The study compared the detection of interproximal caries by dentists using NIRI technology versus bitewing radiography. The NIRI system had high accuracy for detecting early enamel lesions (88.6%) and carious lesions involving the dentino-enamel junction (96.9%).

In addition, the researchers compared NIRI and bitewing radiography with visual caries debridement. When compared with clinical evaluation of posterior proximal lesions observed during caries debridement, the NIRI technology was 66% more sensitive than bitewing x-ray technology and demonstrated 96% sensitivity for posterior interproximal lesion detections, the company said.

The study was published online October 24 in the Journal of Dentistry.

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