Week in Review: Blindness case | Dental wages are up | Remembering Auggie James

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A recent case report detailed an incident in which a man went blind after a tooth extraction. Our top story of the week explained why the authors of the report are now calling for a delay in minor dental surgeries for patients with diabetes who have recently recovered from COVID-19.

The man in the report lost sight in one eye after a tooth extraction led to the development of cavernous sinus thrombosis. Because COVID-19 may induce endothelial inflammation and hypercoagulability, the disease can exacerbate existing endothelial dysfunction in some patients, putting them at risk for aggressive thrombosis.

Dental wages are up

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, overall wages for the dental industry are up, according to a survey released by DentalPost. More than half of dentists said they are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their income, and for hygienists, income satisfaction is up by 30% from the prior year.

FDA warns about opioid use disorder drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning this week regarding the use of transmucosal buprenorphine, a drug prescribed to treat opioid use disorder and pain. The FDA received reports of dental problems linked to the drug, including oral infections, tooth decay, and tooth loss, even in patients with no history of oral health issues.

Imaging guidance

We covered two studies this week that provide some imaging guidance for dental professionals.

In the first, researchers found that reviewing cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans may influence how endodontists approach treatment decisions in dental trauma cases. When endodontists used CBCT scans, they were more likely to suggest traditional endodontic treatment.

The second study, meanwhile, indicated that repositioning face masks with metal nosepieces below patients' mouths may not be enough to prevent artifacts from forming during extraoral imaging. The team recommended advising patients to wear metal-free masks or to modify masks that have metal nosepieces.

New content on Tuesday

Our team will be taking Monday off in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We will be back on Tuesday with our regular newsletter and more stories and studies sure to catch your eye.

Remembering Auggie James

I am very saddened to share the news that DrBicuspid.com National Sales Director August "Auggie" James has died. Auggie has left a tremendous legacy in the dental industry, and his presence will be deeply missed by our team and the larger dentistry community.

Auggie's sales career included more than three decades with leading medical and dental industry publications. I, for one, relied on his expertise of the dental industry and trade publishing when crafting stories, interviewing sources, and setting strategy.

While Auggie was a hard worker and fantastic salesperson, I'll remember him most for his love for his family and his ability to make everyone feel like an old friend. Not to mention, he had a great golf game, even earning an award at the 2021 Dental Trade Alliance meeting.

The DrBicuspid.com team won't be the same without him. However, we intend to honor his legacy by bringing a bright and welcoming spirit to trade shows and continuing to publish timely and important dental news.

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