3MPlants' Denta-Cam takes diagnostics into the home

Dental implant provider 3MPlants has completed a phase I trial of its virtual diagnosing and artificial intelligence system, the company announced. The trial was conducted at a private dental office affiliated with iDentalfy's provider network, a related 3MPlants venture, in Las Vegas.

Patients with a defined range of chief dental complaints were issued personal Denta-Cams, home-use intraoral cameras, that allowed them to capture detailed images of their dental conditions. They then uploaded their images to iDentalfy's Member's Forum, along with a narrative of the associated concerns. Based on the patient's images and a series of clinical questions, iDentalfy's network dentists recommended treatment options to be verified by their personal dentist of choice.

The second phase of the trial comprised in-office examinations by an independent dentist who had not previously viewed the patient's intraoral images nor had discussions about their dental conditions in the Member's Forum. In 91% of the cases, the recommended diagnosis considered most likely by iDentalfy's virtual dental panel agreed with the dentist's intraoffice diagnosis. In 8% of the cases, the diagnoses were unable to be identified through iDentalfy's virtual communication platform.

"We have achieved more than we had hoped for in these trials and are now actively preparing for a more advanced trial to expand the patient population," said Brandon D'Haenens, iDentalfy CEO and project leader. "This can be cared for across our provider network with an appropriate support staff and advanced delivery system"

3MPlants launched iDentalfy, a dental implant provider network, last year. In March of this year, the company followed up with 3MPlants.com, "the first and only social network allowing patients to interact with dental implantologists," according to 3MPlants.

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