Pearl unveils AI product to better restoration process

2019 12 05 18 55 6378 Artificial Intelligence Ai Suit 400

Artificial intelligence (AI) dental care company Pearl has launched a product that helps improve the dental restoration process by allowing labs to score and buck individual patient scans based on margin clarity.

Pearl's Scan Clarity Score addresses intraoral scans that fail to meet manufacturer-ready quality standards, while reducing costs and inefficiencies in the restoration process. Dental lab Paramount Dental Studio is its first pilot customer.

Dental scan quality causes numerous issues in the restoration process, including missing contact points and defective scans. These issues lead to costly duplications of products, mistakes, and wasted time.

With Scan Clarity Score, the margins of high-quality scans are automatically marked and sent along for crown design. If the margin clarity score of a scan is low, it is flagged for human intervention or for a call to be placed to the dentist. By systematically processing the quality of margins, dental labs, dentists, and, most important, patients benefit from improved dental restorations.

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