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Marketing from the inside out
March 5, 2008 -- Sometimes internal marketing works best. Learn how to expand your practice by word of mouth  Discuss
Complex implants? Use a computer!
March 4, 2008 -- CAD programs can help surgeons plan their procedures precisely, saving patients time and suffering. "We're taking implant surgery out of the Stone Age" says one oral surgeon.  Discuss
Park Dental separates from ADPI
March 4, 2008 -- The PDG dental group that operates the Park Dental and Dental Specialists clinics in Minnesota is separating from its administrative services provider, American Dental Partners (ADPI). The dental group just won a $130 million lawsuit against ADPI.  Discuss
3M introduces moisturizing hand antiseptic
March 3, 2008 -- Looking for a gentler way to disinfect your hands? 3M has launched a new hand antiseptic that kills germs and moisturizes at the same time.  Discuss
Small implants, big sales
February 29, 2008 -- The U.S. small implants market grew by 30 percent in 2007, generating $20 million in revenue, according to Millennium Research Group's U.S. Dental Marketrack.  Discuss
Full and partial scaling equally effective
February 29, 2008 -- Confused about treating your patient's periodontal predicament with partial or full-mouth scaling? There is no significant difference in clinical outcome between the two, so dentists should let the patient's budget and convenience be the deciding factor, according to a new study in the Journal of Periodontolgy.  Discuss
Cosmetic dentistry's future looks shiny
February 28, 2008 -- America's increasing desire for Hollywood-perfect looks means that cosmetic and implant procedures will grow 15% in the next few years, the Millennium Research Group (MRG) predicts. By contrast, noncosmetic procedures will only grow by 5%, the marketing research group said.  Discuss
Lead reported in imported crowns
February 28, 2008 -- Forget amalgam and fluoride. Could lead be dentistry's new bogeyman? The ADA said today that it is investigating reports of potentially dangerous levels of the element in imported crowns.  Discuss
Gendex unveils new cone-beam 3D imaging system
February 27, 2008 -- Gendex Dental Systems -- a provider of dental radiographic products -- launched the GXCB-500, a cone-beam 3-D imaging system at the recently held Chicago Midwinter dental show.  Discuss
Dentist criticized for selling supplements
February 27, 2008 -- Some dentists sell supplements "customized" for each patient by Bioceutica. But does the company provide the right prescriptions?  Discuss
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