Dentists offer help in gymnasts' age controversy
August 19, 2008 -- Olympic gymnastics regulations lack teeth -- literally, according to some U.S. dentists. They argue that a panoramic x-ray could show whether Chinese gymnasts are old enough to participate in the competition.  Discuss
New bacteria could help battle tooth decay
August 19, 2008 -- British researchers have discovered a new species of bacteria that could aid in the development of better prevention methods and treatment of oral diseases.  Discuss
Dentist probes true cause of Babe Ruth's death
August 18, 2008 -- For decades historians have believed that baseball legend Babe Ruth died of throat cancer brought on by years of tobacco and alcohol abuse. Turns out the real culprit was a rare form of genetically based carcinoma that is often misdiagnosed.  Discuss
Remote receptionists? Outsourcing hits the front office
August 15, 2008 -- Patients who call the dental office of the future might talk to a receptionist in another state -- or another country. The service may not be for everyone, but some dentists say off-site office staff offer decided advantages.  Discuss
Chicago dentists settle out of court in sedation death
August 14, 2008 -- A judge has ruled that Joseph and Laurence Feldman must pay $3.9 million to the family of a patient who died in their care. Their future as dentists now lies in the hands of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.  Discuss
Dental product suppliers defy gravity
August 13, 2008 -- Strong growth in markets outside of the U.S. is helping the dental equipment industry weather the current economic storm. But how long will the good news last?  Discuss
Mouthwash and gel challenge toothbrushes and drills
August 12, 2008 -- Toothbrushes and drills have long been the bookends of dental care. But British scientists are challenging the establishment with two new techniques designed to attack plaque and repair decay much earlier in the process.  Discuss
Anticoagulants OK with some surgery, experts say
August 11, 2008 -- Dental patients can safely continue on aspirin for minor surgery such as single extractions, a new study suggests. Some dentists are also successfully keeping patients on stronger anticoagulants such as warfarin and clopidogrel.  Discuss
Advertising themes that pay
August 8, 2008 -- There are two advertising themes that really put paying patients into your chair: implants and sedation. Marketing expert Richard Geller explains how these two themes can help with any advertising you do.  Discuss
How to get reimbursed for cone-beam CT
August 7, 2008 -- Cone-beam CT images are likely to be the clearest you've ever seen, but the question of who will cover the cost for this new technology is not so clear. The chances for insurance reimbursement improve if you follow certain rules.  Discuss
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