Women take leadership role in academic dentistry
July 30, 2009 -- Several programs aimed at helping women dentists better prepare for leadership roles have been established in the U.S., and their graduates are having a notable impact on dental education.  Discuss
Ohio dentists indicted for tax evasion, conspiracy, fraud
July 29, 2009 -- Two Ohio dentists charged with tax evasion and conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service could spend at least 75 years in prison and pay millions of dollars in fines if found guilty.  Discuss
FDA follows through on plan to reclassify dental amalgam
July 28, 2009 -- After months of speculation and years of debate, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today issued a final regulation classifying dental amalgam and its component parts as class II medical devices -- even as the agency insists that amalgam poses no health risks.  Discuss
Ultrasound finds mandible defects x-rays can't
July 28, 2009 -- Could 3D ultrasound imaging improve the way periodontal disease is diagnosed and treated? A research team from West Virginia University thinks so.  Discuss
Dentists wake up to addicts' scams
July 27, 2009 -- Publicity around the recent deaths of celebrities -- including Michael Jackson -- has highlighted the abuse of prescription pain relievers. And dentists are being called to account.  Discuss
Tooth classification system could improve diagnostics
July 24, 2009 -- A team of Harvard University researchers has developed what they say is an easy-to-use system for evaluating individual teeth that could help standardize caries assessment, simplify treatment planning, and improve outcomes.  Discuss
Challenges persist for women in dentistry
July 23, 2009 -- Women now account for nearly half of all U.S. dentists. Even so, misconceptions about their ability to balance family, life, and career remain a challenge. In this two-part series, looks at the issues women face in dentistry.  Discuss
Will the FDA delay its decision on amalgam?
July 22, 2009 -- Despite the FDA's commitment a year ago to reclassify dental amalgam by July 28 of this year, there is speculation that the agency may not make that deadline.  Discuss
Use of baby formula can increase fluorosis risk
July 22, 2009 -- Infant formula consumption may be linked with an increased risk of babies and toddlers developing detectable levels of enamel fluorosis, depending on the amount of fluoride in the water used, according to a new study.  Discuss
Dentists barter with cash-strapped patients
July 21, 2009 -- As the U.S. economy struggles, the ancient practice of swapping goods and services is boosting dental business nationwide. Many dental practitioners are now bartering directly with their patients and joining barter networks, where they accumulate a special currency.  Discuss
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