UCLA orthodontics resident resigns, citing harassment
May 16, 2008 -- A resident who accused the orthodontics program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Dentistry of demanding donations from applicants has resigned from the program, the Daily Bruin student newspaper reported May 15.  Discuss
'Evidence-based' evangelists seek new converts
May 15, 2008 -- The ADA is sending 150 champions to convince dentists their practice should be more "evidence-based." But how much evidence is enough? Some critics worry that insurance companies will use the concept to narrow their coverage.  Discuss
Lasers blaze new paths for GDs
May 13, 2008 -- Lasers make many soft-tissue procedures easier, opening up new opportunities for general dentists, according to experts who spoke at the 2008 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry meeting. Some dentists are now able to do procedures in house that they used to refer to oral surgeons.  Discuss
Local anesthetic-reversal drug approved
May 12, 2008 -- The FDA has approved the use of phentolamine mesylate as the first-ever drug for reversing local anesthesia, Novalar Pharmaceuticals announced May 12. The company, which holds a patent on this use of phentolamine, plans to begin marketing the drug at the annual ADA meeting in October under the name OraVerse.  Discuss
Confronting 'meth mouth'
May 9, 2008 -- As more and more Americans abuse crystal methamphetamine, the effects are showing up on their teeth. And that poses a moral challenge for U.S dentists. They need to know whether patients are using the drug because it affects treatment.  Discuss
Planning for the maturing face
May 9, 2008 -- Recent studies indicate that soft-tissue and skeletal patterns in the nose, lips, and ears grow continuously throughout our lives. In fact, the actual maturation process of longitudinal soft tissue continues from 18 to 42 years of age, and the dental team can learn from quantitative studies of facial and skeletal aging.  Discuss
Facing lawsuit, FDA reviews amalgam
May 7, 2008 -- Should pregnant women and parents of small children be warned against amalgam restorations? Should dental assistants, or dentists themselves? After tussling with such questions periodically since 1980, the FDA is once again asking for public comments.  Discuss
Do you need cone-beam CT? Part II
May 7, 2008 -- It pays, literally, to choose the right machine for your needs so you can fit cone-beam CT (CBCT) into your practice's existing workflow. In this article, you'll learn about the primary features to look for as well some hidden costs you might not discover until you have actually started using your new CBCT system.  Discuss
Law makes Maine hygienists independent
May 6, 2008 -- A law passed April 15 allows hygienists in Maine to serve patients at any location without supervision by dentists. This legislation has expanded the scope of practice in the state, and may improve access to care for people who do not have a dentist.  Discuss
CDA Show Report: Volunteer your services
May 3, 2008 -- ANAHEIM, Calif. - Are you eager to help the needy but flummoxed by the hassles? In a heart-warming session at the California Dental Association (CDA) Spring Scientific Session on Saturday, pediatric dentist Gregory Psaltis, D.D.S., and hygienist Dayna Dayton, R.D.H., of Olympia, Wash., offered practical tips for reaching out a helping hand without causing yourself a headache.  Discuss
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