Do-it-yourself diabetes testing
December 11, 2007 -- If, like all noble dentists, you want to protect your patients from periodontal disease, Biosafe has a new useful tool -- a take-home diabetes risk assessment screening kit.  Discuss
Fluoride still pays off; great for seniors
December 11, 2007 -- Here's a new reason to polish up that old lecture to nervous patients on the many benefits of fluoride. Communities that fluoridate drinking water have lower dental costs than those that don't, according to a new study in the fall issue of the Journal of Public Health Dentistry. The health gains for seniors are especially noteworthy.  Discuss
Researchers defend bleaching
December 11, 2007 -- Research suggests bleaching is safe, but big questions remain about exposed dentin.  Discuss
Composites questioned
December 10, 2007 -- Resin-based composites kill human cells on contact. So why are dentists still using them?  Discuss
Medilinq adds dental to its healthcare benefits
December 7, 2007 -- For some patients, getting that crown or root canal means saving up for a year. The good news for them -- and you -- is that Medilinq, a health benefits provider that offers savings of up to 40% on medical and dental care, has formed a partnership with DenteMax, an independent dental PPO network.  Discuss
Toothpaste, please, and hold the mozzarella
December 6, 2007 -- Toothpaste and mouthwash flavors can be so ho hum. Crest, for example, offers Peppermint. Also Strong Mint, Mild Mint, Vanilla Mint, Citrus Clean Mint, and Mint + Green Tea Extract. Did we mention mint? Colgate's not much more imaginative with its Max Fresh Clean Mint, Cool Mint, Cinnamint, and Kiss Me Mint. Why does everything have to be so darn refreshing? Why not garlic toothpaste washed down with an olive oil rinse?  Discuss
Site offers dental health quizzes
December 6, 2007 -- These days there's a quiz for everything. Is your boyfriend marriage material? Do you have what it takes to be a CEO? Now dentistry ventures into this realm. Principal Dental Health Edge is a web site that offers four short, free quizzes to determine your dental health.  Discuss
Dental services survey released
December 6, 2007 -- How many root canals do general dentists do? How often do orthodontists fill cavities? Answers to such questions can be found in a recently released report by the American Dental Association (ADA).  Discuss
New chart: Calcium phosphate products compared
December 6, 2007 -- In recent years, a flood of calcium phosphate products has hit the market -- pastes, gels, gums, rinses, and sealants -- which the makers claim can restore enamel in carious lesions. But which one should you use? To help you sort through the confusion, we've prepared a chart comparing the forms and usages of each product.  Discuss
Is Invisalign dangerous for generalists?
December 5, 2007 -- These high-tech plastic aligners may not work as well as old-fashioned braces. Could a lawsuit be in your future?  Discuss