Paul Suni leaves Suni as new firm takes control
January 8, 2008 -- German private equity firm Forstgarten Holdings has acquired a majority stake in Suni Medical Imaging -- manufacturers of intraoral digital radiography equipment -- from former CEO and chief technology officer Paul Suni, who has resigned from the SUNI Board of Directors.  Discuss
New evidence for immediate loading
January 7, 2008 -- Researchers have reported good results with implants loaded immediately after placement. But immediate loading isn't for everyone.  Discuss
Park Dental doctor group settles $130M lawsuit
January 7, 2008 -- The PDG dental group that operates the Park Dental and Dental Specialists clinics in Minnesota was awarded $130 million in a lawsuit with its administrative service provider, American Dental Partners (ADPI) and ADPI's Minnesota subsidiary, PDHC, on December 14.  Discuss
How much fluoride is too much?
January 4, 2008 -- That's the question raised in a recent report from the National Research Council. The Environmental Protection Agency's current limit may be too high for both children and adults, possibly leading to fluorosis, bone cancer, brain damage, and more.  Discuss
Buccal infiltration faster for molars
January 3, 2008 -- Are you always on the look-out for easier, more efficient techniques of delivering anesthesia? When it comes to numbing mandibular first molars, buccal infiltration (BI), using 4 percent articaine, works faster and has the same success rate as the inferior alveolar nerve block (IANBs) method, according to a new study in the January 2008 Journal of Endodontics.  Discuss
FDA warns of burns from handpieces
December 28, 2007 -- What's that burning smell? According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the smoke could be coming from your patient -- if your electric handpieces aren't properly maintained. Already patients have been severely scorched, the agency warns.  Discuss
ADA offers e-mail from vendors
December 27, 2007 -- How's your e-mail in-box looking these days? Does it need a few messages from dental suppliers? The American Dental Association (ADA) is betting your answer will be yes.  Discuss
Implants found effective despite periodontitis
December 27, 2007 -- Every dentist loves a good challenge. So why not try multiple implants on a patient with generalized aggressive periodontitis (GAgP)? According to a new study in the Journal of Periodontology, partially edentulous subjects treated for GAgP can be rehabilitated successfully with osseointegrated implants, even though they show more bone and attachment loss than periodontally healthy patients.  Discuss
Study validates filling without drilling
December 26, 2007 -- What if you could fill without having to drill? Scottish dentists have experimented with the approach on primary molars for years. Now a new study suggests the technique works.  Discuss
New guidelines shape sedation use
December 24, 2007 -- The ADA's new sedation guidelines are expected to influence which dentists can prescribe which sedatives for years to come.  Discuss
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