Low-power lasers reduce pain, promote healing
August 1, 2008 -- It may sound like science fiction, but hundreds of clinical studies have shown that small doses of laser energy can do amazing things to the healing properties of dental tissue.  Discuss
Kentucky board president investigated over licensure policy
August 1, 2008 -- The Kentucky Board of Dentistry has made it harder for dental school grads to begin practicing in a state that desperately needs them. The change in policy has led the governor to investigate the board's president for a possible conflict of interest.  Discuss
Wanted: Personable dental associates
July 31, 2008 -- After all that hard work in school, it may come as a surprise that a new survey finds the most important feature many dentists look for in an associate is a good personality.  Discuss
Study: Cracked-tooth repairs survive 7-year itch
July 29, 2008 -- Findings from a long-term study raise questions about the American Association of Endodontists' recommendation that root canals should be performed on thermally sensitive cracked teeth.  Discuss
Location, location, location: Keys to success
July 28, 2008 -- Should your practice be closer to where your patients live or where they work? A demographics specialist can help determine the optimum location, but numbers don't tell the whole story.  Discuss
Anesthesia hurts less, lasts longer with liposomes
July 24, 2008 -- Enclosing mepivacaine in liposomes appears to make the anesthesia last longer and the injection hurt less, according to a randomized study by Brazilian researchers.  Discuss
Lasers + heat = early caries detection and treatment
July 23, 2008 -- The Canary photothermal imaging system from Quantum Dental Technologies is designed to detect dental decay earlier and with more accuracy than other technologies. But can it outshine its competitors?  Discuss
Antibiotics reduce need for follow-up perio surgery
July 22, 2008 -- Administering amoxicillin and metronidazole immediately following periodontal surgery can significantly reduce the need for additional surgery, according to researchers from the University of Geneva School of Dental Medicine.  Discuss
Dentist extols the rewards of working with elderly patients
July 21, 2008 -- The number of Americans over age 65 is exploding -- and with it the demand for geriatric dentistry. In a recent lecture, special care expert Gregory Folse, D.D.S., shared tips of the trade -- from the most effective forceps to new strategies for reimbursement.  Discuss
CBCT: First choice for preoperative diagnosis?
July 18, 2008 -- When it comes to looking below the gum line and deep into the mandibular canal, anything that helps you get a better view is essential. Two recent studies indicate that cone-beam CT scanners are superior to conventional periapical x-rays in certain cases.  Discuss
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