Fad diets and oral health
March 21, 2018 -- Periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg was forwarded an email about fad diets and their effects on oral health, including bad breath and dehydration. The practical issues for Dr. Danenberg, however, are what is a fad diet and what do you tell your patients about these diets and their side effects.  Discuss
Aging reduces translucency of zirconia ceramics
March 21, 2018 -- Teeth become more translucent as we age, but is the same true for uncolored zirconia ceramic restorations? Researchers put four of these restorative materials through an aging process to find out if their translucency changed over time and if these changes were noticeable to the human eye.  Discuss
New study links missing teeth and diabetes risk
March 21, 2018 -- Is there a link between missing teeth and a patient's risk of developing diabetes? The findings of a new study, presented on March 19 at the 2018 Endocrine Society annual meeting, suggest there is. Researchers found a connection between a decline in glucose tolerance and an increased number of missing teeth.  Discuss
Infographic: Trends in dental anesthesiology
March 20, 2018 -- The average dentist anesthesiologist is a man who works at least four days per week and is optimistic about the future of the profession, according to a recent survey of more than 200 dentist anesthesiologists in the U.S. and Canada.  Discuss
Study asks if women with more kids have fewer teeth
March 20, 2018 -- The old saying "Gain a child, lose a tooth" suggests that parents with more children have more missing teeth than people with fewer children. But is it true, or is this phrase an urban myth? Researchers wanted to see if evidence supported this saying and, if so, what impact does it have on a patient's oral health?  Discuss
Dental fear associated with pain, caries
March 19, 2018 -- Fear of the dentist may have broad consequences for oral health, according to the findings of a new study. Children who expressed dental fear were more likely to experience caries, pain, and a poor perception of their own dental health.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for new patients: Improve the new patient experience
March 19, 2018 -- Ensure that more new patients become loyal, long-term ones by creating a positive initial experience for them. Each aspect of the new patient experience should be planned and scripted for maximum effectiveness, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip. Practices that exceed expectations during patient interactions will continue to grow and be successful.  Discuss
What do practitioners need to talk about HPV with patients?
March 16, 2018 -- Time to have that talk? Dental practitioners are well-positioned to help patients prevent cancers related to human papilloma virus (HPV) but can find it difficult to communicate about the topic. A new study examined the role of practitioners in this area and what might help them do a better job.  Discuss
7 ideas to move to higher-reimbursement patients
March 16, 2018 -- Is your practice meeting your production and collection goals? Is your schedule full, but your per-hour reimbursement lower than you would like? Practice management consultant Jen Butler has seen clients in this situation and offers seven practical tips to shift your practice to higher-reimbursement patients.  Discuss
4 ways to create a Starbucks-style experience
March 15, 2018 -- What are the four core values of your practice? Amol Nirgudkar of Patient Prism suggests taking a page out of the Starbucks playbook and focusing on these four values: quality, service, ambiance, and culture. He details how you can apply this approach to your practice.  Discuss
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