World's poorest can't afford fluoride toothpaste
July 7, 2008 -- Fluoride toothpaste has helped many developed countries battle dental caries, and most developing countries are trying to follow suit. But according to a new study, this common drugstore item is prohibitively expensive for the world's poorest population.  Discuss
Glass ionomers get vote of confidence at IADR
July 3, 2008 -- TORONTO - Speakers at the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) meeting on Thursday lent their support to the use of glass ionomers versus traditional cements for dental restorations, linings, and bases.  Discuss
Acupuncture for anxiety looks promising but unproven
July 3, 2008 -- TORONTO - Acupuncture might calm patients who fear their dentists, but there isn't enough evidence yet to recommend this approach. So said researchers from King's College in the U.K. at the annual meeting of the International Association for Dental Research on July 2.  Discuss
The changing face of dentistry: Part II -- Future shock hits dental schools
July 2, 2008 -- As the demands of dentistry change, schools around the U.S. are struggling to figure out how best to prepare their students. Faced with a faculty shortage, they can't always teach what students need to learn.  Discuss
Make your referrals count
July 1, 2008 -- A new study finds that nearly 50% of patients referred to a specialist never follow through, resulting in lost revenues for both specialists and dentists. But improving referral rates can be as simple as improving communication.  Discuss
Weeding through the worries on bisphenol A
June 30, 2008 -- Lots of composites and sealants contain bisphenol A (BPA). And recent news reports have warned that this chemical might cause cancer. Here's how to answer patients' questions about their safety.  Discuss
Beyond x-rays: Part II -- The glow of demineralization
June 26, 2008 -- For years the mineral loss from enamel and dentin has been known to alter the optical properties of teeth. Now technology developers are hoping to capitalize on this with a fluorescence device to identify demineralization and thus pinpoint dental caries much earlier than is possible with x-rays or visual examination -- before cavitation begins.  Discuss
Big New York dental groups lock horns
June 26, 2008 -- The New York County Dental Society says the New York State Dental Association is trying to abolish it. The state Legislature recently passed a bill giving the association the power to expel the society, potentially putting the 140-year-old society out of business.  Discuss
Plaintiff wants FDA amalgam settlement overturned
June 24, 2008 -- Just when it looked as though the FDA had calmed critics of mercury fillings, the hornet's nest has been stirred up again. Two weeks after the FDA negotiated a settlement in a lawsuit filed by anti-amalgam activists, one of them has moved to reopen the case.  Discuss
Patient swallows screwdriver, aspirates wrench
June 24, 2008 -- Florida dentists and their patients were puzzling this week over the case of a dentist who dropped both a screwdriver and a wrench -- in two separate appointments -- down the same patient's throat. The patient later died. But standard precautions would have saved the 90-year-old patient's life, according to his daughter, who is suing the dentist.  Discuss
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