Social media are becoming vital to dentistry
November 18, 2008 -- From blogging to videos and e-books to social networks on the Web, dentists must embrace the new social media if they want to maintain an active practice, writes Dr. Helaine Smith in her column, The Mouth Physician. She's already using such tools in her own work. Read More
Dentists, hygienists debate role of 'midlevel provider'
November 17, 2008 -- The ADA, American Dental Hygienists' Association, and Academy of General Dentistry all agree that improving access to oral healthcare in underserved communities is a critical issue. But they can't seem to agree on the best approach. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are suffering from lack of dental care. Read More
Studies show Nomad portable x-ray system safe
November 14, 2008 -- It may look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the Nomad portable x-ray system is taking the notion of "ray gun" to a whole new level, especially in dentistry. Some state dental boards are still wary of radiation exposure, however. Read More
Brighter teeth without bleaching?
November 13, 2008 -- A perfect pearly white smile is a priority for many patients, but what about situations in which bleaching is not an option? An Australian technique called "tooth lightening" avoids peroxide altogether, using remineralization instead to brighten teeth. Read More
Dentists can play key role in recognizing elder abuse
November 12, 2008 -- Elder neglect and abuse are becoming more frequent as the population ages, and dentists are in a unique position to detect both. But education is lacking, and more needs to be done to help dental practitioners recognize and address the problems. Read More
How much is a patient worth? Part I
November 11, 2008 -- One of the most basic decisions in your practice may be how much to spend in order to attract new patients, says marketing guru Richard Geller in his column, Marketing Madness. To answer that question, you need to know how much revenue a patient will bring in. Read More
ADA reconsiders fluoride supplements
November 10, 2008 -- Brittle bones, kidney stones, thyroid disease -- even an asthmatic's wheeze: fluoride gets blamed for a lot of health problems. Noting such concerns, the ADA is mulling new guidelines for fluoride supplements that focus on kids at high risk of caries. Read More
Wrigley and Cadbury clash over Recaldent gum
November 7, 2008 -- The Federal Trade Commission is reviewing a complaint by Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company that Cadbury USA does not have adequate evidence to back claims it has made in Trident Xtra Care gum ads about the oral benefits of Recaldent. Read More
Dentists should follow Paul McCartney's lead
November 6, 2008 -- Paul McCartney has passion for what he does and it shows in every way. Dentists should follow his example by being passionate about their profession and continuing to learn, says Dr. Helaine Smith in her column, The Mouth Physician. Read More
Dentists confused about NTI, says maker
November 5, 2008 -- Think you understand the NTI? Too many dentists don't, according to James Boyd, D.D.S., whose company sells the device. If you don't take the time to properly fit it to your patient, it can make matters worse, he says, a point that has eluded even some orofacial pain experts. Read More
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