Umm ... brush??!!
January 20, 2009 -- In his first Laughing Gas column, dentist and comedian "Jimmy Earll" takes a serious look at the caries management by risk assessment (CAMBRA) model and what some patients claim are genetically "soft teeth."  Discuss
Coffee could aid in fight against oral cancer
January 19, 2009 -- A Japanese study has found that people who drink at least one cup of coffee a day may be at a lower risk for oral cancer compared to people who don't drink coffee at all.  Discuss
Study: Panoramic x-rays enhance BONJ assessment
January 16, 2009 -- With new concerns emerging over the relationship between oral bisphosphonates and osteonecrosis of the jaw, a study in Oral Diseases finds that panoramic x-rays are a useful tool for detecting early changes of bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaw and confirming a clinical diagnosis.  Discuss
Dentist sues patient's parents over online comments
January 14, 2009 -- Incensed at an online review she considers libelous, Yvonne Wong, D.D.S., of Foster City, CA, is suing the parents of a young patient. The case could set a precedent in the fast-growing area of Internet commentary on healthcare practitioners.  Discuss
Tenn. bans teeth-whitening kiosks at the mall
January 13, 2009 -- Tennessee has officially banned teeth-whitening kiosks at shopping malls after the dental board found that their services fell under the state's definition of the practice of dentistry.  Discuss
The secret to technology success
January 12, 2009 -- Want to take the worry and hassle out of implementing the latest dental technologies in your office? Develop a strategic plan and stick to it, advises Martin Jablow, D.M.D.  Discuss
Dental school challenges $1.7 million award
January 9, 2009 -- Four faculty members at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry are demanding a new trial and a reduced jury award in the case of a student who was awarded more than a $1 million for unfair dismissal from the school.  Discuss
Controversy flares over restraining patients
January 8, 2009 -- Some visits to the dentist are unforgettable. When she was 12 years old, Salley Shannon underwent a tooth extraction. The root was long, the anesthetic wasn't enough, and Shannon yelped in pain. Instead of sympathizing, the dentist had her buckled to the chair and her head held. Years later, the experience still gives her nightmares.  Discuss
The pros and cons of owning a Cerec
January 7, 2009 -- After two years of Cerec ownership, Dr. Helaine Smith says the rewards are well worth the challenges. She cautions, however, that despite what the sales people may tell you, CAD/CAM technology does not automatically boost your practice's profitability.  Discuss
Electronic health records: Part II -- Patient privacy and ROI
January 6, 2009 -- With U.S. President-elect Barack Obama setting healthcare IT as a priority for his economic stimulus package, the dental community can expect to come under new pressures to "go paperless." But are enough privacy safeguards in place?  Discuss
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