Two-step zirconia implants debut at IDS 2009
April 15, 2009 -- Up to now, zirconia implants have been available only as single-step systems, which has limited their application. But at least five two-step zirconia implant systems were on display at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Germany, and all are expected to roll out this year. Read More
Florida judge calls advertising law unconstitutional
April 14, 2009 -- It took more than a dozen years and numerous trips to court for Florida dentists to finally claim victory in their efforts to overturn a law restricting advertising of their credentials. And some legal experts say the ruling could have much broader implications. Read More
Study: Obesity ups risk of periodontal disease
April 14, 2009 -- Obese patients are at increased risk for periodontal disease compared to patients of normal weight, according to a study presented at the recent International Association for Dental Research meeting. Read More
In defense of third-molar extractions
April 13, 2009 -- The dental community needs to stop perpetuating the public's perception that dentists are trying to scam them by performing unnecessary procedures, Dr. Helaine Smith says in her latest The Mouth Physician column. Read More
Louisiana may bar dentists from schools
April 10, 2009 -- The Louisiana Dental Association is lobbying to keep dentists from taking their services into schools, according to newspaper reports and the head of a mobile dentistry group. Read More
Experts warn against 4% mandibular blocks
April 9, 2009 -- Every so often, a patient feels pain, prickling, numbness, altered taste, or some other unpleasant nerve symptom that lingers long after a shot of anesthetic. No one has nailed down the exact cause of nonsurgical paresthesia, but researchers from the University of Toronto are warning against the type of injection they believe is most likely to cause it. Read More
Dental entrepreneurs challenge legacy software
April 8, 2009 -- Strong opinions abound about the value and safety of electronic health records, especially when it comes to patient-specific data. Some entrepreneurs are hoping to change a few minds with new patient assessment and charting software that takes dental care to a whole new level. Read More
Alternatives found to restoration replacement
April 7, 2009 -- You know that old restoration on Mrs. Smith's No. 4? The one that's coming loose at the margins? Instead of tearing it out and putting a new one in, maybe you should just seal over it. That's the suggestion a team of researchers made last week at the International Association for Dental Research meeting. Read More
Study links perio pathogens and heart disease
April 6, 2009 -- The presence of certain periodontal pathogens and the total amount of periodontal bacteria in a patient can indicate a risk of heart disease, according to a study presented Saturday at the International Association for Dental Research meeting in Miami. Read More
Study details downsides of brushing technique
April 3, 2009 -- MIAMI - Even if patients brush for three minutes, they barely touch some tooth surfaces, so dental professionals need to focus more on technique, a researcher from GlaxoSmithKline said Friday at the International Association for Dental Research meeting. Read More
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