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Can you believe it’s almost 2019? We tend to get reflective at the end of the year, and now is a great time to think back on your practice’s biggest successes (and dare we say failures). We often learn more from our mistakes, and if we’re smart, we make changes so they don’t happen again. 
Curve Hero has helped over 25,000 dental professionals avoid these costly mistakes. We know your time is valuable, so we’re offering a $20 Amazon gift card after you attend a live demo with a Curve Specialist.
As you reflect back on your year, don’t forget about your practice management software. Ask yourself:
  • How many times has our server gone down, and what impact did it have on my patients, my staff and my overall business?

  • If I or my staff had a problem with our software, how long did it take customer support to answer the phone, let alone fix it?

  • Do I have a good disaster recovery plan? Am I sure its being executed?

  • Is my current software helping me grow my practice, or is it slowing it down?

If the answers to these questions trouble you, or make you think there’s room for improvement, don’t worry — there is!

Curve Hero can help you improve the patient experience, while providing an easy-to-use interface for staff and help your practice generate more revenue.

To learn more about Curve Hero and to sign up for a demo, click here.


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