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ADA Accelerator Series  
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Sneak Peek: Put your career & life in the fast lane with the new ADA Accelerator Series!
It started as a simple question to a diverse group of dentists: “How can the ADA do more to support you?” You said you want career success and personal fulfillment – fast and on your terms. That led to a program designed by dentists like you. Introducing the ADA Accelerator Series: an online, on-demand hub for access to financial, leadership and work/life balance tools that can help you accelerate your life, your way.

The ADA Accelerator Series includes:
    Regular webinars hosted by experts on topics such as parental leave planning, negotiating for what you deserve and building confidence as a leader.
Tips on keeping your life, career and everything else in balance
Opportunities to expand your leadership skills
Self-care and wellness resources
And this is just the beginning of bigger things. Join us on March 5th as we launch the ADA Accelerator Series and let us know which topics you want to learn more about. 
Taking off March 5
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