iTero Element® 5D Plus Series

The newest innovation is here - the iTero Element® Plus Series.
Introducing the iTero Element® 5D Plus imaging system in cart configuration. Discover benefits to diagnostic capabilities, productivity and workflow success!
*On average, with the iTero Plus Series as compared to the iTero Element 2 and iTero Element 5D imaging system, and based on scan processing time comparison of 40 Invisalign scans and 40 restorative scans with 3 prep teeth processed by the iTero Element 2/iTero Element 5D computing units and the iTero Element Plus Series computing unit.

**Based on a survey in May of 2019 of n = 15 practitioners who participated in a global limited market release, working with iTero Element 5D for an average period of 6 months, representing both GPs and Orthos in CAN, EU and APAC, who were presented with a level of agreement scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree with the following statement: "Incorporating the iTero Element 5D scanner into my current diagnostic protocol, I've diagnosed a higher number of interproximal caries above the gingiva, on my patients at my practice", and then asked to estimate the average increase. Data on file at Align Technology, as of November 15, 2019.

The iTero Element 5D Plus Series (excluding the iTero Element 5D Plus Lite configurations) requires the use of a full barrier sleeve and clip on vent cover for the United States.
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