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Teledentistry, SmileDirectClub stay in spotlight for good, bad
October 22, 2019 -- Fresh off its filing of a harassment lawsuit against the Dental Board of California, SmileDirectClub finds itself thrust in the news again with investigations into the way it markets it clear aligners and moves to further expand into another country overseas.  Discuss
Mid-Atlantic Dental expands with new DSO acquisition
October 21, 2019 -- Dental support organization (DSO) Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners has acquired DentalOne Partners from Dental Investments in an all-cash deal.
ADA takes stand against vaping
October 21, 2019 -- The ADA has issued a statement opposing the use of electronic cigarettes, or vaping nicotine, in light of the growing number of vaping-related injury reports that have emerged in recent months.
Henry Schein to be released from opioid litigation
October 21, 2019 -- Henry Schein Dental said it will be dismissed with prejudice as a defendant in a U.S. opioid lawsuit in Summit County in Ohio.
SmileDirectClub sues Calif. dental board for harassment
October 18, 2019 -- SmileDirectClub has filed a lawsuit against the Dental Board of California, alleging it intentionally harassed the direct-to-consumer clear-aligner company's clinics in a planned effort to hinder its growth. The litigation further fans the flames between the burgeoning industry and traditional orthodontics.  Discuss
Colgate's Optic White fails to deeply whiten teeth, suit claims
October 18, 2019 -- A Nevada woman has filed a class-action suit against Colgate-Palmolive, claiming that Colgate's Optic White toothpaste is based on "false hope" because it fails to naturally, deeply whiten teeth as advertised.  Discuss
ADA endorses Calif. teledentistry law
October 18, 2019 -- The ADA has thrown its support behind a new law in California that sets specific standards on how dentists should provide care for their patients through teledentistry.
Membersy to acquire CDI Group
October 18, 2019 -- Digital health firm Membersy announced that it plans to purchase dental benefits company the CDI Group.
FTC ruling reverberates through dental distributor segment
October 17, 2019 -- Benco Dental plans to appeal the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) finding that the dental product distributor and Patterson Companies conspired to undermine dental buying groups, which negotiate lower prices for smaller dental practices. The FTC ruling is also creating ripple effects through the dental industry.  Discuss
FTC hands out mixed ruling to Benco, Patterson, Schein
October 16, 2019 -- Henry Schein was cleared of conspiracy charges in an October 16 ruling by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). However, fellow defendants Patterson Companies and Benco were found to have conspired to refuse to offer discounted prices or otherwise compete for the business of buying groups of independent dentists.  Discuss