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Second Opinion: Dental therapists, teledentistry, and the ultimate win-win
August 15, 2018 -- In this Second Opinion, Patti DiGangi, RDH, tackles the issues surrounding the recent approval of dental therapists in Arizona. DiGangi considers the arguments made against dental therapists and addresses them with a focus on access to care and practice profitability.  Discuss
Report: Hawaii, Mass. top states with most dentists per capita
August 9, 2018 -- Which U.S. state has the most dentists per capita? Which state has the highest percentage of adults who have not seen a dentist in the past year? A personal finance website gathered the data, and the per-capita results might surprise you.  Discuss
U.S. government commissions new report on oral health
August 1, 2018 -- The U.S. government has commissioned a new surgeon general's report on oral health. The new report will be the first update since the original, landmark report was published in 2000.  Discuss
Dentistry is becoming more diverse -- Here's why that matters
July 24, 2018 -- In 2018, the majority of dental school applicants were women and nonwhite. American Dental Education Association President and CEO Dr. Richard Valachovic spoke with about what the changing demographics of dentistry could mean for the profession.  Discuss
ADA predicts more dentists through 2037
July 12, 2018 -- The number of full-time dentists in the U.S. is projected to increase through 2037, according to a new ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI) brief. The new estimates are the latest from the institute and an update to a similar report from 2016.  Discuss
Infographic: Professionally active dentists in 2018
June 12, 2018 -- How many professionally active dentists are in your state? If you practice in California, you've got a lot of company. If you practice in Wyoming or Vermont, you are one of the few. Our infographic breaks down the number of active dentists by state, using data from the Kaiser Family Foundation.  Discuss
Can physician assistants help address oral health needs?
May 24, 2018 -- Seeking to address the lack of available oral healthcare for tens of millions of people in the U.S., the American Association of Physician Assistants (AAPA) launched an initiative in 2010 to improve physician assistants' awareness of oral health issues. Researchers reported on the progress being made at this week's AAPA annual meeting.  Discuss
Ariz. governor signs dental therapist bill
May 17, 2018 -- Arizona has become the seventh state to allow dental therapists to practice.  Discuss
Breaking down the Minn. dental therapist experiment
April 26, 2018 -- Is the dental therapist experiment in Minnesota a success? The answer largely depends on who you ask, and it is likely too soon to know for sure. However, the program at least appears to be on the right track, according to the panelists of an April 24 webinar held by the National Association of Dental Plans.  Discuss
New data break down dentist stats by state, specialty
April 10, 2018 -- General dentists are once again the most common type of dentists, according to newly published data from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The data break down dentist statistics by gender, specialty, and state.  Discuss
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