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Roxie, DrBicuspid Associate Editor Melissa Busch's dog.
Roxie, DrBicuspid Associate Editor Melissa Busch's dog.

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

I love dogs. I’m not afraid to admit it. It doesn’t matter the size or the breed, my whole mood can change when I see a dog. My wife, meanwhile, is a cat person. Her favorite day of the week is “Caturday” when X (formerly Twitter) fills up with cat videos carrying the #Caturday hashtag. When she starts laughing for no reason on Saturday, it never surprises me why. 

Whether you’re a dog or cat lover, one thing we can all agree on is that animals make our world a better place. Many of us have pets that we love with all our heart and with February being National Pet Dental Health Month, I’m happy to announce that there’s a way for you to show off your pet on DrBicuspid.com

We’re looking for you to take to Instagram or X and post a picture or video that shows how your pet makes you smile. It can be a random act of cuteness or a silly trick. It doesn’t matter. We just want to see your pets. Post your photo or video and tag DrBicuspid in your post along with the hashtag #PetsWhoMakeUsSmile. We’ll post our favorites on DrBicuspid.com, and those posts will be voted on by readers to determine the cutest pet. The winner will not only get a gift card but a donation to your local animal shelter to help animals find their forever homes. 

The voting begins on February 26, and you can learn all about the contest (which is already underway) here. I can’t wait to see all your furry friends showing up on DrBicuspid.com

While pets can make us smile, thoughts of a malpractice lawsuit certainly do not. However, malpractice, and what can cause it, is an important topic and one that every dentist and dental team member should be working to avoid. This podcast features an interview with a dentist and lawyer and has tremendous tips on how to make sure your practice is staying ahead of any trouble. I highly encourage you to listen to it sometime this weekend. 

I also encourage you to know the latest radiology recommendations in your practice as well as how to make sure your dental team members are taking care of each other and keeping burnout away. Both topics were big hits with our readers this week. 

Before you enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend (and all the tasty treats that come along with the big game), check out the latest link between your diet and oral and mental health. It might make you rethink those New Year’s resolutions. 

I started this note discussing social media and I’ll end by doing the same. Kudos to this Iowa orthodontist who has created an amazing persona on TikTok and has gained millions of followers for what he is doing outside of the operatory. It just goes to show you that there are so many ways we can create smiles every day. 

Thanks as always for reading DrBicuspid.com. We appreciate your trust in us to deliver articles that matter. 

Kevin Henry
Editor in Chief 

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