Science and Medicine Group Launches Exciting Enhancements to, Moving Towards an Increasingly Innovative Experience for Both Users and Partners



Science and Medicine Group Launches Exciting Enhancements to, Moving Towards an Increasingly Innovative Experience for Both Users and Partners



Arlington, VA March 29th, 2023--  Today, Science and Medicine Group Inc. (SMG), a data intelligence company providing actionable insights to life sciences and healthcare markets, announced platform enhancements to one of their four media properties, These developments are part of an overarching strategy to enhance digital media experiences across all SMG-owned media properties that elevate content while highlighting partners.


As the leading provider of pertinent clinical and business news for the dental industry, is home to an active digital community of general dentists, specialists, and other dental professionals. The site enhancements include new features and functionality that will not only benefit readers but also give partners a more optimized approach to connecting with those consuming on-site content.


“The editorial team at is the most trusted in the industry, and for years has shown their commitment to keeping readers abreast of all newsworthy activities happening across the dental landscape. The launch of a new and improved website is a natural extension of that commitment. Our enhanced user experience will ensure readers can easily get to the content they want to read. Additionally, expansions to the technology suite surrounding the site launch, are providing our partners with an opportunity to extend their reach based on cutting-edge techniques,” says Ben Barna, VP, Digital Media Sales at Science and Medicine Group.


Readers and subscribers of can expect a new navigation, dynamic mobile experience, modern design and layout, and new content areas encouraging them to take a deep dive into their interests and specialties. Perhaps one of the most exciting enhancements for users is an updated way to consume’s “Cases.” A popular offering for readers, Cases will now be delivered by a new learning management system for enriched graphics, fresh design, and improved navigation, making them an even better way to learn and engage with the digital property.


For partners, the enhanced technology amplifies their digital marketing efforts with optimized ad delivery and increased social media reach and engagement. New behavioral targeting offers in-depth analysis on how users engage with content, topics, and partner brands and data-driven audience acquisition ensures messaging is reaching the right people. Extending beyond standard metrics, custom reporting is now available giving partners the ability to seamlessly track campaign performance and modify campaigns accordingly throughout the deployment process.


With the successful launch of the new, SMG is looking forward to seeing these innovations take readership and sponsorship opportunities to the next level. Marketing teams are encouraged to reach out to media contact, Keelie Truell, to inquire about 2023 media packages.




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