15 Minutes to Excellence: The lone CEO

"Things have changed a lot from the days even when I first started practicing, when many practices were like family mom and pop operations," Dr. Deems said. "Now there is so much third-party involvement, rules and regulations, litigation ... so a lot of things don't work anymore like they used to. If a doctor will look at his practice and say, "Look, I need to run this more like a CEO would run it,' they will have much greater success and satisfaction."

Dr. Deems, known as the Dentist's Coach, is a professional personal and business coach and a practicing dentist in Little Rock, AR. Since 2005, he has been annually named to Dentistry Today's Top Leaders list and is the author of several books, the most recent titled The Dentist's Coach: Build a Vibrant Practice and the Life You Want.

Watch this episode of "15 Minutes to Excellence" to hear more of Dr. Deems' great tips for running a successful dental practice. The video is free to all DrBicuspid.com members.

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