Cracking The Code: How to Attract Dozens of High-Quality Patients Every Month

The top doctors are successful not because of luck or chance, but because they know the precise method of attracting and retaining high-quality patients, despite any type of market forces, world events or industry turnover.

On this one-night only web class, learn the 3 keys to protecting your new patient and referral flow no matter what life throws at you.

  • Three key steps involved in laying a solid, dependable dental marketing foundation that will insulate you against turmoil and uncertainty
  • How to bulletproof your practice from economic, political and dental industry forces for years to come
  • The one drop-dead simple thing (which takes virtually zero "doctor time") which positions you as a respected thought leader and expert ahead of all other docs in your area
  •  How to liberate your time away from menial tasks, consolidate those activities under the roof of an experienced, one-stop shop service provider who can guide you through the four phases of dental practice growth (while you save $1,500 in the process)...
  • And much, MUCH more...

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