Business & Industry Insider: What's the forecast for DSOs?

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The last few months have seen some major acquisitions and milestones for many dental service organizations (DSO). To find out if DSO expansion and growth will continue, conducted an interview with Michael Roub, the managing partner at Inflection 360, who has headed corporate development at multiple major healthcare firms, including a leading DSO. Roub provides essential insight into DSO growth and expansion and the role private equity firms play in these organizations.

The biggest recent news in the Business & Industry Community is that Premier Dental Holdings, the parent company of Western Dental, has agreed to acquire the DSO operations of the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. The DSO includes 63 practices located in Alabama, California, and Texas. Western Dental now affiliates with more than 300 practices.

In their latest Legal Cases column, William S. Spiegel and Dr. Marc Leffler present a case in which a patient became disruptive and had to be removed from the dental office by the police after incomplete restorative work. Read to learn how the case was resolved and what you can do to help your practice.

Also in the Business & Industry Community, you'll find the following recent industry news:

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