Henry Schein announces educational programs at Midwinter Meeting

CHICAGO - At this week's 2015 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, Henry Schein has announced upcoming educational programs to help oral health professionals build a total health practice and develop a multipractice model for optimizing practice efficiency across multiple sites.

The launch of the Henry Schein Dental Business Institute and Building a Total Health Practice program offers options to oral health professionals looking to enhance operational efficiency and deliver high-quality patient care.

The Henry Schein Dental Business Institute is designed for dental practice owners in the early stages of group practice development who want to expand the size of their enterprise or enhance their management skills. Education will be delivered by industry leaders who will provide tools and resources for growing dental practices to compete in the new environment.

The three-day program will be offered four times through February 2016 at Henry Schein Dental in Milwaukee. The first day of each session involves expert-led interactive workshops and business case discussions. The second day of each session will include a competitive business simulation predicting the outcomes of business actions. On the third day, a keynote address is delivered to develop new skills and group presentations from participants are given. Monthly advisory calls are held to connect the content to real world practice.

For session dates or to learn more, visit the institute's Web page.

Building a Total Health Practice will take place July 24 to 25, 2015, at Henry Schein Dental in Milwaukee. Susan Maples, DDS, will lead the program, where attendees will learn how to build a total health practice that educates patients about the link between oral health and total health and how diet and nutrition can reduce caries, diabetes, and obesity risk.

Following the two-day program, attendees will receive a free consultation by Dr. Maples' health relationship coordinator. To learn more, visit the Total Health Web page.