Curaprox releases charcoal toothpaste

Adding to the charcoal-based product trend, Curaprox USA is releasing Black Is White, a charcoal toothpaste that whitens teeth, according to the company.

The toothpaste removes stains on teeth using charcoal, which absorbs colored particles. The toothpaste comes without the abrasive agents, such as chalk, silicates, or bentonite, that other whitening toothpastes use. It also is free of bleaching agents, including peroxide.

"This novel and natural way of whitening your teeth back to the original color -- the shade of a baby's teeth -- continues Curaprox's four and a half decade run of lifestyle products for oral health," stated Patrice Le Maire, head of Curaprox USA, the U.S. division of the Switzerland-based company, in a press release.

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