RYCA to launch J-shaped power toothbrush

2019 09 24 16 52 7195 Ryca Encompass 20190924165600

RYCA International has developed a new power toothbrush that it claims will provide effective oral cleaning in 20 seconds.

The Encompass toothbrush. Image courtesy of RYCA.The Encompass toothbrush. Image courtesy of RYCA.

The Encompass toothbrush has a J-shaped, half-mouth design for uniform brushing of all tooth surfaces. The brush head is driven by a patented air-pump system at approximately 100 brush strokes per second, according to RYCA.

Currently, the Encompass toothbrush is only available for purchase on the company's Indiegogo crowdfunding page, with estimated delivery starting May 2020.

Encompass will retail for $189, but those who order early can get the brush for $99.

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